Welcome to the WriteItPro Blog

My name is Tony Green and I am the author of WriteItPro the free to use on-line creative writing application.

This is a new blog as of February 2013 where I intend to put useful articles about WriteItPro to help it’s users and also other general writing articles too.

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Almost the end of another great year for WriteItPro™

Well another year is almost over and the WriteItPro™ user base continues to grow and grow.

I haven’t had any feedback of enhancement ideas from anyone over the last year so I can only assume that my application is providing everything you need to help you create all of those stories and novels?

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my loyal users a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2016.

Keep spreading the word about WriteItPro™ to your friends and colleagues so that our writing community can continue to grow from strength to strength.

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WriteItPro™ will remain free to use by everyone

Thank you for your feedback. I have decided to leave WriteItPro™ free to use for everyone for at least another year. So take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the application and start to write in a more logical and cohesive way letting WriteItPro™ store all of your writing, research and notes.

WriteItPro™ remains the perfect writing tool for creating short stories, articles, novels, fiction and non-fiction too. Tell your friends about it, spread the word.

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Free subscription extended due to popular demand

Due to overwhelming demand I have decided to extend the free subscription to WriteItPro for another month. I will monitor the uptake and interest during May and then make a decision about subscriptions at the end of the month.


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Last month for a FREE account

Due to the growing popularity of WriteItPro™,  the cloud based writing application, and also the added the cost of hosting it on a Virtual Private Server I have decided to stop the free account sign up at the end of April 2014! But if you act quickly you can still get a free account until the end of this month.

As of the 1st May 2014 I will be charging a small, one off, account sign up fee of $9.

I think this is a very reasonable and affordable cost to allow you to gain access to the WriteItProcloud based writing application. This is a one off payment to open your user account will help offset the costs of further development, hosting and administering the application.

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WriteItPro has moved to a new faster web server

I have spent the last week building a new web server and I have just managed to move WriteItPro onto the new server and get it live again.
Apologies to anyone who tried to to access WriteItPro while I was in the process of doing all of this.
I have moved everyone’s data over to the new database and it all looks good to me, however, if anyone notices anything strange or appears to be missing then please let me know.
I hope you will all find the new web server responds much better than the old one and should have 99.9% up time too so it should always be there for you, again if it isn’t then drop me an email and I will get right onto it.
Happy writing everyone, keep working on those stories and novels.

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Name Generator feature now live!

WriteItPro, the FREE on-line creative writing application just got another enhancement!

Okay a lot of users have asked if I can add a random name generator to WriteItPro. The hardest part of this feature was locating a good database of male and female first names and then combine that with an equally good database of surnames too.

I managed to find all three using data from the last US census. So we now have over 18,000 surnames to choose from together with over 1200 male first names and over 4000 female first names too.

As usual with WriteItPro the interface is intuitive and very simple to use so we hope that this feature is well received by our users.

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WriteItPro User Forum Now Live!

The all new WriteItPro Users Forum has been launched.
It will provide the writing community with a new, dedicated place where users can offer help and share ideas about the creative writing application itself and about all aspects of writing in general.We hope you find it useful as the user base continues to grow!

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